Watch Tube Trains Mapped In Real Time

Tube Map Live is a new app for iOS devices that tracks the locations of across the network.

Upon loading the user is presented with the familiar diagram, overlaid with a number of icons that like they've wandered in from Pacman. The icons, which are colour-coded to denote the line they're running on, slowly inch their way around the network. Tap on any to bring up further details, like the train's destination. There's also a useful bar at the bottom which lists the number of trains on each line (topping the list at the time of writing is the , unsurprisingly, with 91 trains in service).

Tube Map Live is a free download for iPhone and iPad, and is well worth a few megabytes of your device's disk space. Our only gripe is that the app only covers the Underground; the DLR and Overground lines aren't included.

The developer, Andy Drizen, also makes the Tube Tracker app, which bills itself as a comprehensive guide to using the Underground. It includes maps, directions to nearby stations, information on how lines are running and a journey planner. Though not essential for Londoners experienced with the Tube, it's still a valuable addition to your device. Tube Tracker costs £1.99.

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