Jay Foreman - Every Tube Station Song

Could you name all 270 Tube stations in London (not including DLR or Overground)? Of course you can. But turning them into a catchy three-minute tongue-twister tune, now that’s a different story. Comedian and singer-songwriter Jay Foreman has done exactly that in his imaginatively titled ‘Every Tube Station Song’ and it’s bloomin’ brilliant – just check out his mad skills in the video below. Props for filming and graphics go to another one of our favourite Tube nuts Geoff Marshall, who just smashed the Guinness World Record for visiting every Tube station in London in the shortest time.

A song to help you memorise all 270 stations on the London Underground. (excluding Overground and DLR)

Come and see this song (and many others) performed live!
“Jay Foreman: No More Colours”
8-9 October, Pleasance Theatre, Islington

Massive thanks to @geofftech, whose superlative knowledge of the tube this video couldn’t have been made without!

Song written by @jayforeman and @jongracey
Performed and edited by @jayforeman
Filming and graphics by @geofftech
Additional editing by @amer_e_iqbal

Thanks to all the extras! @alexwarren, @alwinsol, @auswegiancharli, @C3467X, @elf_lyons, @HowlieT, @IainMacNaughton, @mrmurrayporter, @surrealjules, @1voiceinmillion.

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