Kenya365Reli finale photo walk by white_african

Kenya365Reli finale walk by

For a year we have taken that showed around this of . Some gave a glimpse of the life of Kenyans outside Kenya. When this started, we had no idea it would grow into such a movement. As it comes to a close, we can’t just let it go own unceremoniously, can we?So this Saturday, 12.09.2013 afternoon let’s come together to rock one more #Kenya365 at the Railway Museum in Nairobi. So come one come all and let’s enjoy a few hours of meeting cool people and making great photos together in true #Kenya365 spirit.

#Kenya365Reli finale photowalk shall be from 3pm to sundown. 12.09.2013.

#Kenya365 #Kenya365Reli brought to you by @Kenya_365 by white_african

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