“Vantage Point” by tonycross

“Vantage Point” by

“I use Pro for two things: photographing water and shooting in low light,” says photographer @tonycross. Tony provided some tips on using Average to capture of moving water.

Vantage Point: “I mostly use Average Camera Pro for photos of the ocean, and I always try to find something that will give context to the water—rock formations, groups of rocks or carefully placed people.” Shooting: “You need a tripod. Also, make sure your ringer and any vibrating alerts are off. Lock exposure/focus with the “L” button, particularly in low light.” And most importantly, “when photographing water, experiment with the number of shots you're taking and the different outcomes you can get. Depending on the conditions, you can get anywhere from slightly-smoother-than-normal looking water, all the way to smooth as glass.” Editing: “I use VSCO and to edit all my photos, and there's nothing I do differently in particular for Average Camera shots.” See more tips at blog..com and follow @tonycross for Average Cam inspiration. by instagram

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