This sweet story of two gay princes will teach kids about gay marriage

As prepares for its first lesbian and weddings, educators are advising teachers what books to use to explain it all to children.

Children learning about diversity, including LGBTI, at a lesson using the Challenging Homophobia In Primary Schools resources.Are you sitting comfortably? Here's how to teach kids about gay marriage, and it all starts in a distant land with a prince who doesn't care much for princesses.

Prince Bertie's mother troops princesses past him from as far away as , Texas and Greenland. He just isn't interested.

But it all changes when Princess Madeleine arrives, escorted by her brother prince Lee. Both Bertie and Lee exclaim: ‘What a wonderful prince!'

They in love, marry, are declared King and King and the Queen can finally relax.

and King by Linda De Haan and Stern Nijland is one of the books being recommended by schools organization Educate and Celebrate for teachers as and prepare for the first same-sex marriages this weekend.

They are also advising This is Our House by Michael Rosen and Bob Graham which teaches children that sharing what you have with a diverse range of friends is much more fun than being on your own.

It's part of a package of tools from Educate and Celebrate including the Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools series of 20 books with accompanying lesson plans. It's put together by expert Andrew Moffat.

While is now enjoying marriage equality, a third of all students hear the word ‘gay' used negative more than once a day, according a March survey by The National Union of Teachers and LGBTI organization Schools Out.

Lesbian education champion Elly Barnes, who works for Educate and Celebrate and Schools Out, told GSN: ‘As teachers we should be using topical issues within the curriculum.

‘We would teach children the law was passed and consider what we would say in our school about that. We would say we would let people marry each other because in our school, nobody is an outsider.

‘This is absolutely an opportunity – to use the word gay positively, and not just gay but lesbian, bisexual and all forms of trans.'

You can watch the video for This Is Our House here:

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