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There's another tube strike planned for the Central and Waterloo & City tube lines, this time for 17 September.

The lines were largely shut down last Friday, with just a shuttle service running at either end of the Central line. The dispute is over the way ASLEF – the train drivers' — says London Underground (LU) management treats staff, and a 20% cut in annual refresher training for drivers.

LU, unsurprisingly, denies accusations that there's a bullying on the line. However, since talks last ended a week ago, ASLEF hasn't heard anything else from LU, so the next strike has been called for 00.01 until 23.59 on 17 September. If talks resume and issues are resolved, the strike will be called off.

If you want more background to the strike we recommend reading our original article about the strikes and the blog of ASLEF Shrugged, a train driver.

Elsewhere on the network, it seems are pushing ahead with to reorganise staffing. To recap, this means that all ticket offices will close, 950 staff will lose their jobs and certain suburban stations will have just a single member of staff (take a at this map (PDF); stations classified as ‘local' will have one member of staff on at peak times). In response, the RMT is recommending a ban on members working overtime as of 3 September.

via The Londonist