To Catford and beyond!

To Catford and beyond! The Bakerloo Line may be extended into South East London.

Boris Johnson has been teasing an update about a possible southern extension to the for a couple of weeks now, and in the newly released Infrastructure Plan 2050 we can see what for London has in mind.

The preferred route runs from the current terminus at Elephant and Castle down Old Kent Road and through New Cross and , down to and then on to Hayes and Beckenham Junction. Catford would get up to 27 trains per hour, Hayes up to 15 tph and up to 6 tph.

There looks to be a second, less favoured possibility running through Camberwell and Peckham before getting to Lewisham, but that would hit fewer of City Hall's ‘opportunity areas‘.

South East Londoners need to contain their unbridled joy at finally being on the tube map (no more blank looks when we say where we live) because this project is being pencilled in for… 2040. And a lot can change in that time.

The infrastructure plan contains lots of other interesting things and is now open for consultation until 31 October.

via Londonist