This North Face Store's Floor Disappears

This Store's Floor Disappears, Forcing Startled Shoppers to Climb the Walls.

Fancy yourself the outdoorsy type, eh? You've got all the slickest gear for the rugged you live every day. Maybe you even have a gnarly beard and a Clif bar in your pocket.

Well, what if next time you went shopping for gear you were immediately put to the test?

Shoppers in faced this challenge in a terrifyingly hilarious stunt by The North Face and South Korean agency Innored titled “Never Stop Exploring.”

Unsuspecting customers at this pop-up North Face store were startled when the floor below them slowly began to disappear, and they were forced to grab on to the walls, which happened to have rock-climbing holds attached to them. Then, a perfect North Face item descends from the heavens, just out of their reach, and a 30-second timer appears.

Totally freaked out, they are given a choice. Watch the below to find out how these sudden extreme-sports participants fare.