LYNX Hair: Less effort, more style. Extended Edition

Hair: Less effort, more style. Extended Edition

A new ad for Lynx hair products in nonchalantly features a gay kiss.

The ad, launched in December features a possibly bisexual character who in typical Lynx style goes out kissing hot girls. But after he kisses “the hottest girl”, the narrator goes on to say “or the hottest boy”, which the character does.

It says: “Go out, see amazing things, get an amazing job, kiss the hottest girl, or the hottest boy…”

Despite starting with the typical: “One day you'll have a life, a wife and possibly kids,” and ending with: “Cannot prevent hair loss or make you more attractive to the opposite sex.”

This is a step forward for the men's deodorant and haircare giant, which normally only depicts straight men, and their quests to attract more women.

A little effort goes a long way so make the most of your hair while it is still there. with new LYNX Clean Cut, Messy, Natural and Spiked Up products. Less effort, more style.