Dad Takes Over Tinder - Vote Savvy

Dad Takes Over

Savvy is a a not-for-profit organization promoting political literacy among youth in upcoming 2015 Canadian federal election. Through “likeable” political ads that pair humour with political engagement and a survey tool that will help young voters identify the issues that matter to them most, they're aiming to give those who may otherwise be apathetic a reason to head to the polls this Autumn.

We know young Canadians want to have a say in their futures, some just need help finding the words. That's why we created Vote Savvy. We're here to help cut through the noise of attack ads and misinformation to help figure out what you want out of your government.

To better understand how to engage youth, we designed a Savvy Survey to research how youth talk about politics.

You wouldn't let your swipe right for you on Tinder. Why would you let them vote for you?

Vote on 19th! — Want to learn more? Visit

Click here to take the Savvy Survey