VON SMITH - "On To Something" (Official Music Video)

VON SMITH – “On To Something” (Official Music Video)

Proud to share the official music video to my first EP, “ON TO SOMETHING”.

Go get the song (and the album!) on iTunes here.

Music and lyrics by Von Smith
Produced by Matt Appleton
Stop motion animation by Shawn Harris and Emily Dyan Ibarra
Video edited by Von Smith

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This EP was all about exploring creativity without expectations. To let the creative process go where it wants to without trying to please anyone. It was a new beginning for me as a songwriter and as a human being. It’s easy to cling to what we think will get us acceptance and approval, but there is magic to be found in learning to love and trust yourself out in the unknown. Discovering that all you need is you, that’s when you’re truly on to something.