Colour emotions

Guide. True only in the and US?

Branding and agencies think long and hard about colour before they choose what to use in a brand development programme or advertising campaign… Advertising agencies make it their business to understand the psychology of colour to enable them to use it persuasively in their designs.

You may think that you have a single favourite colour but in fact you probably have several: your preferred colour will always depend on a specific situation. Just because a lady loves hot pink on her nails, doesn't mean she wants to decorate her in a similar vivid hue. In the home, most automatically choose a colour scheme to suit each room. People may claim that seaside blues are their favourite and so decorate their bathrooms accordingly; but when it comes to the area; their favourite colour is now a calming neutral beige. Regarding outfits, people also choose what to wear according to some unwritten rules: dark colours such as navy seem appropriate for formal meetings and wintertime, whereas pastels and whites are hot favourites for summer.

Even if people don't think too hard about the colours they prefer, they are subconsciously programmed to associate certain colours with specific situations and emotions: and this is true for adults all over the globe. However the emotion associated with a colour is not the same globally as explain in this article: Colours in Advertising: How can Colours Affect your Campaign?