Christmas Advert 2017 - Get More Out of Giving 2017 – Get More Out of Giving

The pink boxes are back! Here's Very with their blockbuster tale of a small out delivering a Christmas gift, getting help from an unlikely source.

The whole thing is a bit Frozen (in more than one sense of the word) but it works quite well, even if it's not terribly interesting. Plus Ulfie the wolf is cute, and conveniently marketable.

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Follow the story of our big-hearted little as she spreads festive cheer by giving pink-wrapped gifts. Our heroine is accompanied by Ulfie, her much-loved toy wolf. With each gift she gives, we see her happily yet another name off her long list until it's bedtime on Christmas Eve and there's just one name left. Our little hero leaves her cosy bed to struggle through the snow, losing rag-eared Ulfie along the way. And just when it seems all is lost, a huge but familiar looking wolf appears to help her on her perilous journey until – shock – both the wolf and her final pink gift are lost over an icy waterfall eventually washing up in front of some very recognisable boots. She awakens on Christmas Day to find Ulfie still missing – or is he? Opening the pink gift box that's mysteriously on her window ledge, she opens it to find Ulfie, his rag ear sewn up, and the final name magically crossed off her list, Santa!

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Music: ‘Anna & the Wolf', an original composition for Very by Guy Farley, recorded at Studios.