This year's is directed by Michael Gracey, the director of The Showman. It follows the story of a young dressed as a star and is nervous to perform on stage. She soon gets her confidence before stunning the audience with a rendition of, You Get What You Give. The ‘star' of the show is also supported by a cast of weird and wonderful characters from a bauble to a plug! Some of the children in the cast were as young as six years old and spoke about their roles in hilarious backstage footage.

Presenting the new Sainsbury's Christmas 2018 advert, ‘'.

Starring an eight year old star giving the performance of her life, all for her mum. Directed by Michael Gracey, the director of The Greatest Showman.

The Show tells the story of the North Star overcoming her nerves to deliver a performance of a lifetime, to the amazement of mum. She is supported by a huge cast of 59 kids aged 6-11, all dressed as a variety of Christmas staples – including a turkey drummer and set of Christmas (plug included). The cast all and sing along as the stage transforms to reveal a 40ft Christmas and a 14ft glitter-filled gravy boat.

The children's real were featured in the too, and were intentionally kept away from the castings and rehearsals until shoot day.

We hope you enjoy seeing our whole cast give all they've got for the ones they love.

Celebrate Christmas with Sainsbury's!

Meet the kids behind the ad: