DC figs #21 (More GL stuff)
DC figs #21 (More GL stuff)

Another group of Green Lantern figures. These are a lot simpler in and everything, but the background is new. Tell me what you think and if I should keep it for future figbarfs. 
L – R
Tattooed Man – Updated design for him. I wanted to change his up from my previous figure, he's still subject to change.
Black Hand – Pretty much just the bootleg I bought a while back, just added a dual molded arm and the Kylo Cape for extra detail.
Kyle Rayner – The torso is bootleg, it came as a pretty plain and ugly White Lantern Hal, so I changed it up. The boots are brassoed.
Sonar – Really like how he turned out. Kinda did my own thing basing it on a couple different designs.