This charming short film takes deep into the to enjoy a nocturnal opera, performed by an ensemble of beautifully animated creatures.

Maestro by Illogic Studios and Bloom Pictures is a gorgeous short film, starring an ensemble of animated woodland creatures that gather under a full one to sing a anthem.

Toads, hedgehogs and turtles star in the nocturnal opera, which is conducted by a rather CGI squirrel.

The music is ‘Squilla il bronzo del dio… Guerra, guerra', the great chorus from Bellini's opera Norma.

In an interview with Vimeo, the film's director explains why they chose the chorus:

“We spent two weeks listening to opera songs and ended up with this track from the famous Bellini opera Norma called ‘Guerra Guerra,' which is a war anthem.

“The track had the epic, explosive vibe we wanted, and a singer, which was necessary for the bird character.

“So, if you're wondering what these are singing, they're basically preparing the revolution!”