7 Positive things we can all do on Brexit Day!

Trying to think about 31st January in any way other than a symbolic demonstration of how far removed politics in the , those in power and the reality of Brexit is from the ordinary folk in the (especially those folks who did not Leave), can be difficult.

Yet, this is no reason we cannot turn something which is very negative into a celebration of the last 40-odd years of peace, and love.  A bit like when a family member passes away and the reception after the funeral is filled with people not wearing and reminiscing about the wonderful relationship they had with the person who passed.

So let us turn that frown upside down and crack on in our own way to enjoy the day with people we love:

Spend the day with EU citizens you know.

If you are able to make to enjoy your day with some EU citizens whether they are living in the UK or if you are the migrant living within the EU or elsewhere, you can spend you time reinforcing those valuable relationships eating which might not be traditionally British, listening to which comes from the other EU states, watching some great movies or even just taking a walk in the park with them  Whoever they are, give them a hug and tell them how much they mean to you.

If you don't know an EU citizen, then your B'Day mission will be to find one or some and tell them why they are so essential in modern Britain.

Connect with your nearest pro-EU group

Nearly every town, city and county has they own pro-EU group and if you are not already in touch with them, you can easily contact them by looking on Facebook or a quick internet search, maybe even arrange to meet with them on B'Day.  It is likely they will be having a great event planned to recognise the day and you can be part of something which is not sad or mournful.  You can go along, join in and help them.  You will meet likeminded folk who more often than not will care about the same things as you.  You will definitely find love and may even make lifelong friends.

Shout about your love of both the UK and the EU

Being patriotic about your home country and recognising the benefits of the EU mutually exclusive pursuits.  The great thing about love is that it remains the truest limitless resource.  There is always enough to give to someone or something else without diminishing the amount of love you have for someone or something already.  Have a few conversions when it is safe with folk about what you will do to maintain any relationships you have with places or people from or in the EU.

Hold a pro-EU Rejoin event yourself

If you are able to get hold of some EU bunting and a few flags, you can easily have a Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) and Bring Your Own Food (BYOF) party.  If everyone brings enough for themselves and one more person, there will be ample to share on the day and the party does not have to have an expensive budget.

Obviously this is not a time when anyone is suggesting you have to ‘hug a Leaver', in fact, it might just be easier for the Leavers to be left off the invite list – or at the very least, told to behave themselves.

Town Twinning 

Town Twinning has never been so important and we think everyone involved in the Rejoin agenda should involve themselves in the Town Twinning Association if you have one or if your village, town or city has done away with the town twinning as part of austerity, it needs new life to be breathed into it.  Volunteer, get engaged.  Twinning was created for some really great objectives which are as relevant today as they were after WWII.

You can spend your B'Day doing research, finding out who you need to talk to and how you can get involved.  It might even entail a trip to somewhere in the rest of Europe to reforge those ties.


You could also protest.  There are sure to be some great peaceful protesting opportunities on B'Day and its important to all those thinking of flying the and walking the streets to buddy up, make sure you check in with folk who know what to do if you do not call on time, stick to main roads, make yourself visible.

The most important thing to do if you do not feel safe is to speak to other people on the street and ask for help.

Enjoy Yourself

Whether you want to play ‘Ode to Joy', wearing your blue and yellow bra, make some phone calls to pro-EU Remainers – enjoy yourself.  However, you can commemorate the great things the EU did for us all, what it represents to you and how you will commit to the fight of taking the UK back to being an integral member of the EU – take the first step and do it on that day – your commitment can change the world.

Finally, remember, the day should not be about debating with quitters – its stressful and a waste of time!