Liam Alexander's Comic Book Project turns iconic musicians into heroes.

Artist began his project in 2018 with a comic book cover based on Björk's 1993 album Debut.

“I've always had a love for the artwork in and graphic novels ever since I can remember,”

“I'd never attempted working in this style before and one day I was just sketching while going through an intense Björk phase and the two seemed to fit together.”

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Kate Bush The Kick Inside – Comic Cover • • With this year being the 40 year anniversary of her debut, it felt only right for Kate Bush to be the next subject of my comic cover series. I will be doing all studio albums from The Kick Inside to 50 Words For Snow. • I've loved Kate Bush for as long as I can remember. I grew up with my Dad playing her music on a loop and I was always fascinated by her. I was lucky enough to get to see her live on the Before The Dawn tour in London a few years ago which was the most incredible concert I've ever been to. • The Kick Inside isn't my favourite of hers but I think that's just due to the production as I lean more towards the work she produced herself. Saying that, I don't think she has a bad album and I adore every song on here. My current fav is Feel It ❤️ • For this one I tried a few different ideas before it came together. In fact I almost had it finished a couple of weeks ago until I scrapped all of the background and started again. The books were my way into this one – she sings about poetry, mythology, philosophy etc in this record so it felt right – and obviously we have Wuthering Heights and I think I read somewhere that James and the Cold Gun was inspired by The Day of the Jackal. • I put in a reference to every song on the album, some are obvious, others are only slight but just DM me if you can't find them and want to know. • PRINTS AVAILABLE – LINK IN BIO

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The Kick Inside, Comic Cover by Liam Alexander