This educational app creates AR statues of black figures from history

History Bites seeks to address the gaps in a “Eurocentric” curriculum by creating AR statues of famous black figures throughout history.

An educational app has been launched which aims to teach young people about black narratives by creating Augmented Reality (AR) statues of black figures and plaques honouring them.

History Bites has been initiated by UK charity Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health (BLAM) as a way to “teach young people about the individuals who fought for the freedom of black people”, the charity says.

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A Black History Month app 2

Early in lockdown, BLAM UK launched a free online learning platform for people aged 6-16. London-based studio Landmark then reached out to develop a web-based app that uses AR to enhance the experience.

BLAM UK founder Ife Thompson tells Design Week that the app is an attempt to make “black narratives more attainable to all”. You can access the app here.