Doggy Dogg by x

The Christmas song you didn’t know you needed is here. Introducing Christmas from Snoop Dogg and Just Eat

Just Eat: Doggy Doggy Christmas by

He’s been Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, DJ Snoopadelic, Snoopzilla, and now he’s Doggy Dog – a hairy Doberman that spits bars from his festive mansion, where he orders gold leaf burgers that arrive on a solid gold tray, on a solid gold sleigh.

Equipped with a tagline you can’t help but hum, Just Eat has unleashed its secret weapon upon the festive season, leveraging the rapper’s popularity to draw attention to its food delivery service this Christmas.

Listing off items from Just Eat’s menu of restaurants, the viewer’s stomach helplessly rumbles as ’Doggy Dogg’ raps about dough balls, burritos, and hot jerk chicken in a laid back tone, instructing them – ’whatever the venue, hit up the menu’.