A group of UK charities have joined forces to create the #RoundupsPennyAppeal, which asks the public to donate digital pennies as they spend with the Roundups app.

CLIC SargentBlue Cross, Lymphoma Action and the National Emergencies Trust are among more than 20 charities forming the alliance with Roundups to create the campaign encouraging people to sign up to the app.

Roundups is an app that links with a bank card, rounds up payments and donates the difference to a chosen charity as the card's owner spends. Donors can round transactions up to as little as 10p and set a weekly cap on their donations. The app also lets donors track the impact of their donations as they go.

The # comes as charities an anticipated £12.4 billion shortfall caused by .

The #RoundupsPennyAppeal

A group of charities have united to create the #RoundupsPennyAppeal. Please support a charity with penny donations. Your support could make the difference for someone in need during this difficult time. Get started at www.roundups.org Thank you