In 2016, was recognised as the 2nd ranked employer for + rights. One 60” film ad from the same year shows the brand horse ‘being there' through all the most important steps in life, from having a baby to seeing your go off to school for the first time.

With great elegance and simplicity, the ad features a marriage proposal from a same-sex couple as part of the most meaningful in anybody's life. It is subtle and almost barely visible, but in a way, I recognise that that's how ‘normal' should like. Non-intrusive, normalised ways to show a reality that is already part of and our daily lives. In this sense, the Lloyds ad nails it.

Watch the new Lloyds Bank TV – For Your Next Step, featuring the iconic horse. Lloyds Bank is here to help customers feel financially confident as they take or face their next step in life. Whatever your next step, we'll be by your side.