Today marks the death of my patron Saint , who left the world on the 17th of in 1179. Given that we just hit a big landmark on this channel (700k! Thank you!), it seemed the perfect opportunity to pay homage to my namesake by singing an actual work of hers and drawing a little illumination. She was a prolific writer and extraordinarily talented woman, and a big part of my love for Early .

So today I give you some actual Medieval music! Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks, since I have a song in the works.

Edit: Oops, yes it says “Performbed” in the first title card. no longer allows annotations, so my spelling mistake is now immortalized. Please feel free to throw tomatoes.

I'd also love to share with you my first radio interview, which was with Vanessa Hughes on ABC Australia's Classic Drive. You'll find me around the 1:38:55 mark.

Thank you ALL of you, for your support, for your comments, and your interest in music that is dear to my heart.


quae circuiens circuisti
comprehendendo omnia
in una via, quae habet vitam,
tres alas habens,
quarum una in altum volat,
et altera de terra sudat,
et tertia undique volat.
Laus tibi sit, sicut te decet,
O Sapientia.

O strength of Wisdom
who, circling, circled,
enclosing all
in one lifegiving path,
three wings you have:
one soars to the heights,
one distils its essence upon the earth,
and the third is everywhere.
Praise to you, as is fitting,
O Wisdom