There are two eras: Before the Black Album, and everything after. The record marked a change in the band's sound, went 16x platinum, and brought the band to a mainstream audience. The Metallica  features over 50 artists from a variety of genres playing all 12 songs from the album, with covering the massive hit “”.

The Metallica Blacklist

One album, 12 songs, 53 artists, unlimited possibilities. Pre-Order & Pre-Save Now: The Metallica Blacklist is an unprecedented 50+ artists spanning an unbelievably vast range of genres, generations, continents, and more, each contributing a unique interpretation of their Black Album cut. Available on digital & streaming on 10th and on vinyl & CD on 1st, all profits will be donated to charities of each contributing artist's choice along with Metallica's own foundation, All Within My Hands.