I wrote and performed an original song about Medusa, who in my version isn't quite as much of a monster as you've been told. Orchestrated by the amazing and by the incredible + her team! I am truly awed by their gorgeous work.

Medusa Song | Plaything of the Gods |

Producer, Director, Writer, Performer: Whitney Avalon

Orchestrator, Music Producer, Music Mix, Master: Ryan O'Connell
Animation Director: Leigh Lahav @OnlyLeigh
Character Design & Rigging: , ,
Backgrounds: Inbal Ochyon
Additional & Animation: ,
Executive Assistant: Caroline Sharp

** LYRICS **

I used to be a redhead but now I'm probably the world's only natural greenhead

When I was young I was told I was pretty
I suppose it was true since I caught Poseidon's eye
No choice of my own, what a pity
So Athena changed my hair and now I stupefy
An unexpected boost I‘ll never quite get used to…
It's weird when your peripheral vision always has something moving in it, you know?

Now I'm a plaything of the gods
No one applauds when I arrive
That I'm alive
I mean, my sisters are immortal
I'm not that sort, I'll die for sure
There is no cure

If I had to guess, I'm prob'ly still pretty
But no one can check or they'll turn into stone
A cute guy showed up once, super witty
Then he peeked so I'm back to being alone
No one to schmooze with – they're all statues now…
I don't think I'm a monster, but a lot of people do scream that when they attack me

So I'm a plaything of the gods
One of the broads caught in their game
Ain't that a shame
One day they'll use my head but cleave
And leave the rest of me behind
Which seems unkind

It's not as bad as you might think
The serpents sleep whenever I do
They never bite me, they're real sweet
And I don't ever need shampoo!
The power courses through my veins
I know they'll take it from me soon
But in the meanwhile, I will make
The most of every passing moon

Yes, I'm a plaything of the gods
I know the odds but even so
Come at me bro
I'm small but I am not afraid
Though I'm betrayed
Before I fade
It's my crusade to make history
So look at me!