I wrote and performed an original song about Medusa, who in my version isn't quite as much of a monster as you've been told. Orchestrated by the amazing Ryan O'Connell and by the incredible + her team! I am truly awed by their gorgeous work.

Medusa Song | Plaything of the Gods |

Producer, Director, Writer, Performer: Whitney Avalon

Orchestrator, Music Producer, Music Mix, Master: Ryan O'Connell
Animation Director: Leigh Lahav @OnlyLeigh
Character Design & Rigging: , , Nekori Ben Dor
Backgrounds: Inbal Ochyon
Additional Art & Animation: ,
Executive Assistant:

** LYRICS **

I used to be a redhead but now I'm probably the world's only natural greenhead

When I was young I was told I was pretty
I suppose it was true since I caught Poseidon's eye
No choice of my own, what a pity
So Athena changed my hair and now I stupefy
An unexpected boost I‘ll never quite get used to…
It's weird when your peripheral vision always has something moving in it, you know?

Now I'm a plaything of the gods
No one applauds when I arrive
That I'm alive
I mean, my sisters are immortal
I'm not that sort, I'll die for sure
There is no cure

If I had to guess, I'm prob'ly still pretty
But no one can check or they'll turn into stone
A cute guy showed up once, super witty
Then he peeked so I'm back to being alone
No one to schmooze with – they're all statues now…
I don't think I'm a monster, but a lot of people do scream that when they attack me

So I'm a plaything of the gods
One of the broads caught in their game
Ain't that a shame
One day they'll use my head but cleave
And the rest of me behind
Which seems unkind

It's not as bad as you might think
The serpents sleep whenever I do
They never bite me, they're real sweet
And I don't ever need shampoo!
The power courses through my veins
I know they'll take it from me soon
But in the meanwhile, I will make
The most of every passing moon

Yes, I'm a plaything of the gods
I know the odds but even so
Come at me bro
I'm small but I am not afraid
Though I'm betrayed
Before I fade
It's my crusade to make history
So at me!