went big with the power of imagination this year, letting their ad mascot explore a world made entirely of – where imagination runs wild and dreams come true. A simple idea for certain, but masterfully crafted nonetheless.

Smyths Toys Ad 2021 – If I Were a Toy

the magic in each moment with Oscar…

Watch Oscar fly over a park, transforming toys into -sized friends with the power of imagination. Seesaws are so much more fun with L.O.L. Surprise… pay attention to your little brother or a larger than life dino might give him a fright! See Nan race through the park in her own off-road jeep wrangler, take Bowser's airship into the sky and spin into the air with Crystal Flyers. Don't miss out on the City Stuntz show!

As Oscar flies, he lights up a magical Christmas at Smyths Toys Superstores – with Pikachu on top! See your favourite toys come alive in our brand new Christmas for 2021.