Bear is this year's most unlikely celebrity and the main character in Lidl's “paw-some” Christmas spot, one of the first festive ads to hit our screens last week.

The story begins when a dad accidentally shrinks his Lidl jumper in the wash, and his young daughter has the ingenious idea of putting it on her teddy bear. And, just like that, a star is born – finding fame in the aisles of Lidl before becoming the (expressionless) of Lidl's ad campaign and experiencing the highs and lows of fame at Christmas time. But as the world goes crazy for this cute and cuddly stuffed toy, the big question is: will Lidl Bear make it back home for Christmas with its family?

See for yourself in this 60-second ad focusing on Lidl Bear and the family around the Christmas dinner table. Each subsequent cutdown centres around a different element of Lidl's Christmas offering, including alternative mains like the Deluxe Vegan Garland and desserts like the Deluxe Cottage.

The campaign will run across the festive period and be live across TV, BVOD, OOH, cinema, print, digital and radio. from Lidl GB said: “What stands Lidl Bear apart from other Christmas characters is its hilarious, deadpan expression. By displaying no emotion, it manages to create humour and deliver our message about what's actually important this Christmas.”

How a tiny Lidl jumper made a star out of a little girl's bear