Windows 10 will be a free upgrade – for some

Microsoft just took another big step toward the release of Windows 10 — and revealed it will be free for many current Windows users. The company unveiled the Windows 10 consumer preview on Wednesday, showcasing many new features in the latest version of the operating system that powers the vast majority of the world’s desktop […]

The all-new Dropbox for Business is here

We’re happy to announce that starting today, the all-new Dropbox for Business is available to everyone. We’ve rebuilt the product to give users one Dropbox for personal stuff and another for work stuff. Users can easily access both Dropboxes from any of their devices. We did this to give admins more visibility and control over […]

Child Of The 90S

This 90s nostalgia overload might not make you want to go back to using Internet Explorer, but it’ll definitely make you want to play Oregon Trail again. Internet Explorer is fast. Sound like an oxymoron? Well, it’s not anymore. Built for speed, your favorite sites load faster according to real world site performance tests like Strangeloop. Everything you […]

Apple to show ‘a little more’ on Oct. 23

Apple on Tuesday announced a special event to be held on October 23, 2012 in San Jose. The event is scheduled to take place at 10:00 am PT. Unlike other recent events that have been held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Apple will hold this event at the California […]

The Movement for Microsoft Surface

Microsoft debuted the first television ad for its Surface tablet on Monday, ahead of the company’s Oct. 26 launch. Entitled “The Surface Movement,” it focuses on the device’s magnetic, easily attachable keyboard as well as its kickstand, which makes a clicking sound. Software features are not featured prominently in the ad, which is an impressive display of dance, […]

The next microsoft

Think Microsoft and what do you get: old, enterprise, and well behind the times, perhaps? Not if one designer has his way; Andrew Kim may not have a contract with Microsoft, but that hasn’t stopped him crafting a whole new branding strategy that ditches the “Windows” pane of today and replaces it with a crisp parallelogram Kim calls the “slate”, […]

Surface by Microsoft

The star of Microsoft’s mystery Monday unveiling has been revealed: Surface, a Windows tablet. “It was always clear that what our software could do would require us to push hardware, sometimes where our partners hadn’t envisioned,” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said at the event. “Much like Windows 1 needed the mouse, we wanted to give […]