Cassetteboy remix the news: 2016 review special

Mashup artist Cassetteboy presents his take on one of the biggest news stories of the year, shining a humorous light on Brexit. The video lampoons a host of Conservative MPs – David Cameron, Boris Johnson, George Osborne, Michael Gove, Theresa May as well as Ukip’s Nigel Farage – all of whom played a major role […]

The Modern Fundamentalist – A Kim Davis Parody

Starring RENA STROBER Directed by RICHARD KRAFT Co-Director and Producer TAMELA D’AMICO Cinematography and Editing JENNIFER NICOLE STANG Post Production Supervisor ROBIN DAUGHERTY Makeup JEN ASPINALL, NINA PORT Green Screen TOMMY PHILLIPS “Modern Fundamentalist” Lyrics by JAMES F. TRUMM Produced and Arranged by JEFF HOEPPNER Vocals by RENA STROBER based on “I Am the Very […]

Nigel Farage presents the UKIP weather forecast

Nigel Farage has performed a spoof weather forecast mocking Ukip’s most recent gaffe. Ukip councillor David Silvester was suspended after his comments about gay marriage earlier this month, but Mr Farage was quick to point out that such outlandishly extreme views are prevalent across the political spectrum when he presented the forecast on BBC1 show Sunday […]

YouTube Comment Reconstruction

Dead Parrot The YouTube comment section can sometimes make you question humanity, so to cheer you up we’re bringing you dramatic reconstructions of some of the best comment wars. This time it’s between ‘Sophie Danze’ and ‘Jilianlovesthebeibs’ on “One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful.” Enjoy and why not start your own argument in the […]

catching treats by bordernerd

“I noticed that my dogs make the funniest faces when catching treats,” says Aki (@bordernerd), who shares photos of her two retired search and rescue dogs on Instagram. “So I decided to photograph them catching different things … balls, kibbles, treats and such. Bubbles gave me the funniest pictures.” Since sharing her first catch series […]

Calvin and Hobbes dance

This is a fan interpretation of Calvin and Hobbes‘ dance moves, made for fun and no money! The music is ‘April Showers‘ by ProleteR and here are the dance moves referenced from the comic: It is my belief that Bill Watterson is open to fan fic and remakes of his works as long as […]

Nick Offerman’s Moments in Moustache History

Made Man Nick Offerman is back for Movember 2013 and reminds us all of the importance of the moustache. Join our team to grow your own – register at video is part of Made Man’s celebration as proud partners of Movember. For more of our Movember-inspired programming and events, check out Mo Central at […]

This Is Mamming This October

This Is Mamming This October, lay your boobs on stuff and Instagram a pic to encourage more women to mam where it matters most: the doctor’s office. #mamming