• I will on the always making sure that; the subject and I are on public property.

• The post them to my and them with the following questions;

o Their profession?
o Their level & where?
o Their & dislikes?
o Their tribe (Chav or Goth etc.)

• After this I will put together a grouping of objects and writings as well as the photographs, that I think represent this person, based solely on the rules set by the answers people have given to my questions on paper and on my blog.

• I want to do this because people interest me and how people, myself included judge without even meeting or knowing them. This is why I can't answer the questions set above as I may have met them as apart of my . How the person's extrinsic persona reflects their reality or is it all just personal mythology. Again I'm doing this because I see interesting people in the street and at college, and I ask myself: What do they do? Who are they?

The photo for my major project and the questions form are ready!!! However if you have any comments on the question or the , please comment!