Locus OS is a user interface concept for portable devices. It changes aspects of its UI based on the user’s location.

The idea of organizing files into projects seems interesting. The movie doesn’t show much of how this works – it seems users can either interact with their files in a spatial way, or using a timeline, but the timeline is never shown. Files do not seem to be associated with specific applications.

The system seems a bit disjointed, switching from a rich graphical user interface to a kind of text-based menu at one point. But it certainly contains some neat ideas.

This project has no association with . The project was originally intended for the Microsoft Next Gen Computer competition in 2008. Hence I also looked at the project from a branding perspective and how a product like this might become Microsoft's key arm along with Surface etc.

| Location-based operating system
| Multiple desktops designed around a location or activity ie Kitchen, Office, Car
| Automatically switches between desktops with and wi-fi mapping
| Simplified Collections menu allows browsing via function rather than application

Designed for Stream adaptive computer system:

Note: This interface was designed before 3.0, Palm Pre, etc, making the ideas original at the time 🙂