iPhone Games in Real Life!

Ever wondered what your favourite iPhone games might look like in real life?
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Debut Hey Geronimo album due out early 2012.
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Contact: andrew (at) rare-finds.com.au / +61 408 765 796
US Press Contact: rachel (at) bigpicturemediaonline.com / +1 (212) 675 3103
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Produced by Pete Kilroy
Directed by Luke Constable & Pete Kilroy
Design and VFX by Luke Constable
Edited by Pete Kilroy
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The Legends:
Carla Binotto (AB costumes), Steve Grady, Ellen Howard, Red Pep Redlich, Jermia Turner, Buddy (Dog), Carlos (Cat), Brian Craddock, Samantha Holman, Jeremy Niftos, The Beautiful Zombies, Martin Constable, Linda Constable, Ro Kilroy, Ash Kilroy, Nanna Kilroy, Danaj The Unstoppable, Cubby, Juddo, TJ Roberts, Tim McEvoy, The Berg, Dan Parsons, Sam Adams, Rowley Sussex, Ngaire Lock, Hamish Lancaster, Hugh Middleton, Lisa and Paul at Qpix, The Polystyrene Factory, Little pep pep from the Angry Birds shoot, Rivers Cuomo, Dan Kelly & Steve Jobs.

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