design // tiredbees by James Balderson

I have now added my portfolio of work created while working at , as well as freelance projects created in my own time. As for the web-site .com development will carry-on although I have nothing more major I'm working on currently.

The next update is most likely to be a re-design bring it up to version 5 of this template.

Below is the previous roadmap;

As this come to a close, I would really appreciate anyone who finds a coding bug to report it by either using the contact link or leaving a comment on this post.

Please also use screen shots and links in describing the broken area as this will help me fix it.

As of RC2 updated roadmap.


Move the rest of the site to WordPress as it's an excellent CMS
I will no longer be moving the rest of the site on to as time is an issue.

Finish enhancing the whole site template with HTML5

Convert my php my WordPress plug-ins.

Create a version of this blog and site.

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