Fare strike

Some fares will rise by an average of 6.2% in – about double the rate of – although other price rises may be higher.

The Retail Prices Index (RPI) measure of inflation in – which stood at 3.2% – is used to calculate the rises.

Some English fares will rise by RPI plus 3%, while in Scotland they will go up by RPI plus 1%. Wales has yet to set a figure for its increase.

The extra money is helping to fund huge investment across the network.

There are no increases currently planned in Northern Ireland, where fares are not linked to RPI.

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Below is the predicted fare increase for Mainline Station;

TypeDestinationAmountNew AmmoutIncrease by
Monthly seasonLondon Terminals£286.10£303.84£17.74
Monthly seasonLondon Zones 1-6£346.00£367.45£21.45
Annual season Terminals£2980.00£3164.76£184.76
Annual seasonLondon Zones 1-6£3604.00£3827.44£223.44
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