Automatic refunds for rail passengers

Rail passengers delayed by more than two minutes could be entitled to automatic refunds under a new Government crackdown. The scheme, which is now being trialled on the C2C line in Essex, would force train companies to automatically pay out using travel smartcards, with travellers entitled to more money for every extra minute their service […]

London Bridge railway station partially closes

London Bridge railway station has partially closed for nine days for building work. There will be no First Capital Connect or Southern trains calling at the station until 1 September. The closure is part of the £6.5bn Thameslink programme, which aims to improve north-south travel through the capital. Nicky Hughes from Network Rail said the […]

Disruption To London Bridge Station This August

Use London Bridge rail or New Cross Overground stations? Then you could be in for problems with your trains at the end of this month. The interminable Thameslink programme at London Bridge, upgrading the track and station in a bid to end the sodding bottleneck, hits a new flurry of activity between 23-31 August. Platforms […]

2015 Rail Fare Increases Announced

London’s rail passengers found out today that their fares will go up in 2015 by 3.5%, following the announcement of July’s Retail Prices Index (RPI) figure. The rise is set by adding 1% to the July RPI figure, but some train operators could raise fares on more expensive commuter routes (i.e. routes into London) by an additional […]

Hurricane Bertha set to strike UK

The gorgeous summer weather is set to break spectacularly this weekend, with a warning of heavy – at times torrential – rain to come. Showers are forecast in between sunny spells on both Friday and Saturday, but it is Sunday where the worst of the conditions is expected and the day for which the Met […]

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London Bridge during bank holidays and weekends

Check before you travel to London Bridge during bank holidays and weekends We’re rebuilding London Bridge station until 2018 whilst keeping it open for use. This will involve a rolling programme of service changes on trains operating into London Bridge over weekends and Bank Holidays.When travelling during these times please ensure you check before your travel […]

Severe weather warnings

HERE IT COMES: Huge Atlantic storm heading STRAIGHT for Britain will hit in just 10 hours THIS TERRIFYING image shows how a catastrophic storm hurtling across the Atlantic will smash into Britain in just HOURS. The UK faces the WORST hurricane-force winds and torrential rain this winter and possibly for DECADES. And forecasters warned there […]