Paul O'Grady told BBC's The One Show about his new show, The Great British Escape

TV comic and lover O'Grady will be showing off in all its glory this week as part of a new six-part series.

The Birkenhead-born celebrity, who has lived on the outskirts of Ashford for more than 20 years, decided to embark on a journey around his adopted home county for a new travel programme.

The Great British Escape airs on ITV tomorrow night (November 11) and shows Paul visiting some of the most stunning places the county beholds.

Talking to The One Show on on (November 9), Paul said the show not only got him out of but it also got him fit.

‘Kent has become the lorry park of England – this has to be addressed'

He said: “So, the network wanted something.

“I said why don't we go around Kent? I've lived here and it's such a county and there's so many placed I haven't seen.

“It was a good excuse for me to have a root around as well, so off we went.

“I was so lucky because the infection rate was extremely low at the time while we were filming.

“Kent was always in the papers for lorry parks etc etc – and the name The of England sort of went out the really.

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