Poland’s ugly war against + people continues with a horrifying new bill that would ban Pride parades throughout the country.

The proposed law, entitled “Stop LGBT”, was submitted to parliament on Monday (November 9) by the lobby group Life and Family Foundation. If passed, it would ban Pride parades as well as any other public gatherings that “promote” queer identities.

The citizen’s legislative initiative – a type of bill that can be submitted by the public so long as it receives 100,000 signatures – also seeks to criminalise any promotion of “sex as an entity independent of biological conditions” and any legal solutions “aimed at privileging same-sex relationships”.

“Equality parades: exhibitionism, public scandal, profanation, provocations, insults of symbols, clergy and lay faithful, ridicule of the emblem, flag and other national symbols,” the petition states.

“The #StopLGBT project is aimed at ensuring that the constitutional principle of family protection is included in the practice of holding public gatherings, so that public space is free from homopropaganda, and citizens do not have to watch hideous shows on their streets.”

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