Obama Pride: LGBT Americans for Obama

What goes on in our family’s every day is what a lot of folks would call, well, boring.

I get up, I take the kids to school. At night, we try to get the kids to bed on time and do the laundry. I take out the trash. We have coffee in the morning. We love our family just as much as anyone else — it’s just that there are two moms in our house.

Our twin boy and girl are 3 years old—all they know is, “Okay. I have two who love me very much. One’s funnier than the other one.” We’re teaching them to treat people with respect and dignity.

It means the world to to know that President Obama is teaching his girls the same things—that he believes his family and mine are more alike than different.

I never thought I’d hear a say they support marriage equality, but President did.

President Obama has already done so much to benefit the community, and this election will determine whether we can hold on to that progress—and build on it.

If Mitt Romney is elected, we’re going back. I mean back to an outdated philosophy on equality. This is a guy who wants to amend the Constitution to say that marriage is only between a and a woman, and even opposed the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” saying it would be a “social experiment.” He wants to stop our progress, and, as a gay woman, that terrifies me.

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The  has a President who supports the LGBT community — now we the LGBT community have to support him.

If your from the United States, Come out and vote: http://OFA.BO/k7d82u or if your not share this post!

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