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SVG-edit is a fast, web-based, -driven editor that works in any modern browser:

Firefox 1.5+
Opera 9.50+
Chrome 1+
IE 6+ (with the Chrome Frame plugin, native IE9 support in 2.6)
This editor depends on many other open-source projects. See Acknowledgements for details.

In browsers that support the W3C File API, this editor allows you to open local files.

The set of browsers in which this supported is: Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 6+, Safari 5+, and Opera 11.10+ (builds from 2011-04-05 onwards).


SVG-edit is an online editor that uses only JS, , and SVG (i.e. no server-side functionality). SVG-edit has the following features: [zilla_one_third]

  • Free-hand drawing
  • Lines, Polylines
  • Rects/Squares
  • Ellipses/Circles
  • Polygons/Curved Paths
  • Stylable Text
  • Raster Images
  • Select/move/resize/rotate
  • Undo/Redo
  • Color/Gradient picker
  • Group/ungroup
  • Align
  • Zoom
  • Layers
[/zilla_one_third] [zilla_one_third]
  • Convert Shapes to Path
  • Wireframe Mode
  • Save drawing to SVG
  • Linear Gradient Picking
  • View and Edit SVG Source
  • UI Localization
  • Resizable Canvas
  • Change Background
  • Draggable Dialogs
  • Resizable UI (SVG icons)
  • Open Local Files
  • Import SVG into Drawing
  • Connector lines and Arrows
[/zilla_one_third] [zilla_one_third_last]
  • Smoother freehand paths
  • Editing outside the canvas
  • Increased support for SVG elements
  • Add/edit Sub-paths
  • Multiple path segment selection
  • Support for foreign markup (MathML)
  • Radial Gradients
  • Eye-dropper tool
  • Stroke linejoin and linecap
  • Export to PNG

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This video introduces SVG-edit: a new, open-source vector graphics editor that works directly in modern web browsers using only open web technologies such as SVG, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


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