St Alphage London Wall, so called because it sat right on London Wall, the City of London boundary, was a church in Bassishaw Ward in the City of . It is sometimes referred to as St Alphege, using an alternative spelling of the Saint's name, or as St Alphage Cripplegate, because of its proximity to .

The parish of St Alphage used two churches successively, moving from its original to a former priory church nearby after the dissolution of the monasteries. (read more via Wikipedia)

The Salters' Garden

The Salters'

The Salters' Garden lies between the old Roman City Wall and the new Salters' Hall built here in 1972-76. The Company, founded in 1394, had its first hall in Bread Street, then moved to House on St Swithin's Lane. It re-located here after the hall was bombed in WWII. The garden was originally laid out and opened in 1981, but was re-designed in 1995 to commemorate the Company's 600th anniversary. Sunk below road level, the old City Wall forms its southern boundary. It is formally laid out as a knot garden and has three fountains, that to the west end set within a circular pond, and a central decorative urn near the Roman Wall. (read more via London Online)

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