Dumb Ways to Die

We've all had that moment of guiltily chuckling to ourselves when someone falls over in the street. But this ad will have you happily humming away while cute cartoon creatures suffer horrible, painful deaths.

The adorable little characters are here to serve as a warning to the rest of in this morbid / ad. They are burnt, eaten, poisoned and blown up as the three-minute track happily croons along to their messy demises.

An ever-growing chorus of chopped, mangled and mutilated critters away as the song tells listeners not to: “set fire to your hair, or poke a stick at a grizzly bear“. Which is all great advice, but do we need it? Surely nobody is stupid enough to “keep a rattlesnake for a pet, or sell both your kidneys on the internet”.

Well, sadly, there are people who need these warnings. The clip is a safety warning from an rail company. Melbourne Metro Trains released this catchy little ditty, which is actually a very serious warningabout the dangers that surround rail travel.

Towards the end of the song, after watching idiots play catch with wasps' nests and invite psycho killers into their homes, the song gets to its very serious message.

“Stand on the edge of a train station platform, drive around the boom gates at a level crossing, run across the tracks between platforms, they might not rhyme but they're quite possibly the dumbest ways to die.”

The cutesy indie-pop track was put together by some of 's most famous musical talent. Written by Ollie McGill, keyboardist from The Cat Empire and sung by Emily Lubitz of Tinpan Orange, the pair released the track on to iTunes as Tangerine Kitty.

The ad campaign was devised by McCann Melbourne and has won nearly 6.7 million views since it was launched just fours days ago. The whimsical warning has become an online hit, spreading across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere, earning nearly 659,000 shares and becoming the most shared video of the last 24 hours.

It might seem obvious that you shouldn't eat super glue or take your helmet off in outer space, but people take unnecessary risks around everyday. Let's hope viewers remember the warnings from this cheerful tune.

Get the song:
or http://soundcloud.com/tangerinekitty/tangerine-kitty-dumb-ways-to

GIFs!: http://dumbwaystodie.tumblr.com/

Site of the Day: Dumb Ways to Die

Site of the Day: Dumb Ways to Die

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