Invisible Parents by Mike Buonaiuto

A new film, highlighting the discrimination faced by same-sex parents, has been launched to coincide with the 's National Week.

Although gay couples in the UK can legally adopt children, the measure remains banned throughout much of Europe, and same-sex couples with children often face problems when it comes to legal entitlements.

Andre Banks, executive director of AllOut, a global LGBT campaign group, said:

“EU member states pride themselves on integration, but their governments still to resolve the legal hurdles keeping same-sex families from full recognition across borders.”

The film is a joint project from All Out and producer Mike Buonaiuto, whose equal marriage film Homecoming became a huge online success.

Organisers are encouraging people to share the film on social networking platforms and to use the Twitter hashtag #.

I live in a loving with two dads. Sadly only a few countries in the European Union currently recognise my family. This means that I am unable to move around as I want with my parents and I also risk living with one of my dads being invisible from the State. Both situations are putting me and thousands of other children in same-sex families in unnecessary vulnerable situations as we are treated differently than children in families with a mum and a dad. For example, when I started in school, only one of my dads could sign my papers for my teachers. They did not accept that from my other dad. Also, when we were on and I broke my arm, in the hospital the would only talk to one of my dads and he was the only one who could visit me. My other dad had to wait outside as the hospital did not accept that I have two daddies.


As a citizen of the European Union all people should be allowed to pass between borders without discrimination, including children. With legal inconsistencies across the European Union, children may be treated completely different in different countries, simply due to the gender of their parents. The good news is there is lots of help available to make a change. Help us reach our goal of 50,000 signatures →

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CLICK TO TWEET Launched: Nov 5th 2012

Directed by Mike Buonaiuto
Music: ‘In Your Arms' by Craig Sutherland

Voiceover: Kate Hollowood / Sound Disposition
Cast: Garry Mannion | Jessica Hopes | James McGregor

Editor / Director of Photography: Lewin

Executive Producers: Amber Christina Phillips / Gregor Schmidinger

Behind The Scenes: Sam Milletti /

Web Design / Development: Bradley Hall

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