And what if we got together a bunch of experts who work on large sites to create a definitive front-end performance guide?

And not just one of those boring guides made for robots, what if we did something fun? What about getting together Briza Bueno (,Davidson Fellipe ( Keppelen (ex-),Jaydson Gomes (Terra)Marcel Duran (Twitter)Mike Taylor (Opera),Renato Mangini (Google), and Sérgio Lopes () to make the best reference possible?

That's exactly what we've done! And we'll guide you in this battle to create even faster sites.

Does Performance Really Matter?

Of course it matters and you know it. So why do we keep making slow sites that lead to a bad ? This is a community-driven practical guide that will show you how to make websites faster. Let's not waste time showing millionaires performance cases, let's get straight to the point!

How to lose weight (in the browser) (20130322)

How to lose weight (in the browser) – Click here the picture to visit the page.

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