OpenSignal - iPhone App (20130418)

We're big fans of OpenSignal here at, the -only app that creates independent maps of phone network coverage based on information crowdsourced from users.

Well, we say it's Android-only. But actually it was Android-only, because it has finally launched an iPhone app too.

Just to recap, – formerly known as – is among the biggest sources of independent data on the speed and coverage of mobile phone carriers.

Indeed, rather than relying on coverage maps provided by networks themselves, OpenSignal opens this data to anyone, so they can see for themselves which ones offer the best coverage where they are. And with 2.5 million downloads so far, OpenSignal rolled out a brand new version of its Android app back in January.

The idea is that users download and install the app, it quietly does its thing in the background passing (anonymous) data back to OpenSignal in the process.

Of course, the one glaring weakness thus far has been the lack of support, a weakness that's now been remedied.

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