The BBC has introduced yet another standalone mobile app for UK smartphone users, this time focusing specifically on the weather.

Powered by Met Office data, BBC Weather joins BBC Sport, BBC News, iPlayer and iPlayer Radio in the UK broadcaster’s armory of native apps, but  unlike previous launches, this latest one will be available for both iOS and Android from the get-go. However, the iOS incarnation isn’t yet optimized for iPads.

How it looks

We managed to grab a quick hands-on with the new BBC Weather app and, well, it offers pretty much everything you’d expect from such an app.

When you first launch it, it automatically detects your location and give you an overview of the weather conditions wherever you may be. While the Web-based version of BBC Weather can offer up to a 10-day forecast, this new mobile offering is limited to just 5 days, which will be sufficient for most people. You can also drill down for information on UV, pollen count, wind speed and humidity.

[zilla_one_half]BBC Weather app 1 [/zilla_one_half] [zilla_one_half_last]BBC Weather app 2 [/zilla_one_half_last]

The iOS and Android apps are pretty much identical from a features perspective, though the latter also offers a homescreen widget for easier access, while NFC-enabled devices can also share favourite locations between handsets just by touching two devices together.

For UK locations, you can view forecasts by the hour for the next 48 hours, whereas towns and cities outside Britain are viewable by 3-hourly intervals. These predictions are scrollable independently of the rest of your screen’s content. You can add up to 10 locations (UK and abroad) to your own ‘favorites’ list too.

➤ BBC Weather: App Store | Google Play

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