Missing Husband: a moving about how one binational couple are kept apart because of the Defense of Marriage Act ()

Missing Husband - argument against DOMA

As the world awaits the US Supreme Court‘s decision on repealing the Defense of Act (DOMA) a moving video about how the law affects real couples has gone viral.

(American) and (British) married in New York in but because of DOMA their marriage doesn't entitle Jason to a card to allow him to live in the States with his husband.

‘Jason has been warned for two years that he has visited the US too often using tourist visa waivers,' writes David in a piece about their story for the DOMA Project website. ‘It's currently recommended that he wait six months before returning, or he may be denied entry as a visitor.'

‘In the run up to his visit, friends and family say, “…you must be so excited! I bet you can't wait to see him!” which is true. But behind those conversations, all I can think about is the terrifying hour (or two, or three) after his plane lands and whether or not he'll make it past customs and out of the airport.'

David and Jason recently has to spend their sixth anniversary apart. They aren't the only binational couple to suffer in this purgatory. The DOMA Project website has dozens of stories from gay couples in similar situations.

It's not just the green card, DOMA denies married couples over 1,100 federal rights, from making joint political donations to avoiding estate tax.

The Supreme Court's decision on DOMA is due to be handed down before 27 June.

Watch the video Missing Husband here:

David and Jason are a married bi-national couple fighting the which denies gay Americans over 1100 federal rights. This includes preventing gay Americans from gaining green cards for their foreign born spouses. Since meeting in the of 2007, Jason has returned to LA over a dozen times for expensive lengthy visits but is now being warned he will no longer be allowed to visit as a tourist. Aside from separating the pair on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and countless other occasions DOMA has cost the couple upwards of $12,000 on flights alone and forced Jason to put his career on hold.

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