What if we told you that during your lifetime, Google could create millions of custom maps…each one just for you?

In the past, such a notion would have been unbelievable: a map was just a map, and you got the same one for New York City, whether you were searching for the Empire State Building or the coffee shop down the street. What if, instead, you had a map that's unique to you, always adapting to the task you want to perform right this minute?

This is what you will have with the introduction of the new – a experience that helps you find places you never would have thought to for.

The new Google Maps – On Browser – Hello World – Google Maps (20130602)

The quest to build the perfect map will never be over, but we're excited about the steps we're taking towards the next generation of maps. Please visit this page to request an invite and we hope you have fun with the new Maps.

Happy exploring,

, Google Maps Product Management Director & Yatin Chawathe, Google Maps Engineering Director


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