The Boy Who Turned Yellow (1972) - extract

The Boy Who Turned Yellow (1972) – extract

It's a splendid clip but no, we don't know why either. Suggestions in the comments please.

The was the last feature film made by the distinguished duo of . It is one of three films featured on a new volume of Children's Film Foundation tales, Weird Adventures, released on DVD by the BFI on 17 .

An extract from the splendidly eccentric final collaboration of eminent filmmaking duo Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. One of three family films featured on the forthcoming DVD, ‘The Children's Film Foundation Collection: Weird Adventures', released by the BFI on 17 June 2013 –

schoolboy John Saunders turns bright yellow after losing his pet mouse on a school trip. Is the change the result of an alien invasion or does the answer lie closer to home?

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