Nigel Farage presents the weather forecast after Ukip same-sex marriage gaffe

Nigel Farage has performed a spoof forecast mocking Ukip's most recent gaffe.

councillor Silvester was suspended after his comments about gay marriage earlier this month, but Mr Farage was quick to point out that such outlandishly extreme views are prevalent across the political spectrum when he presented the forecast on BBC1 show Sunday Politics.

Referring to comments made by Ukip member Godfrey Bloom last year, Farage kicked off with: ‘And now for the weather for all areas of the , but definitely not Bongo Bongo Land.'

He continued: ‘The old parties are attempting to the political issues of the day by focussing on the views of Ukip members like him, even though he'd said a deluge of similar things before when he was a councillor. How quickly some things change depending which way the wind blows.

‘Now if you around the UK, you'll see that there are outbreaks of barmy – sometimes extremist – views from people of all political persuasions.'

Mr Silvester referred to gay marriage as a ‘spiritual disease' and said David Cameron's legalisation of it was the cause of the flooding over the period.

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