40 Years of Cellphone by Amrit Pal Singh

A project  did for Fueled in November about the 40 Years of Cellphone

Starting with the DynaTAC in 1974 and ending with a side-by-side comparison between the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy Note, I crafted the 40-year history of the cell phone. For some it will be a walk down memory lane, for others a history lesson.This is inspired by Deco, a style characterized by its bold geometric shapes and rich colours. It's a very eclectic style, deriving taste from a broad range of sources — some representing the machine age. You'll notice the snappy animation style reflects the lightning fast transformation and of cellphones.

While the film may have ended with the first of an , Fueled decided to dig into the evolution of 's iPhone and compare it to top Android phones. It's remarkable how little the iPhone's aesthetic has changed in contrast to models, which are becoming larger and changing constantly.

If you recognize the voice in the script, you'll know it's from an old advertisement from 1980s for DynaTAC. At the time, no one knew how big mobile would become and that this one man's prophecy would come true. (See original here)

Music by: Free Music Archive